Delivering an unforgettable experience within 50 miles of Muskegon, Michigan.

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We love our part of the world and we want to share it!

  • Want to camp but don’t have the vehicle to tow or space to store your own?

  • Want to give camping a try without the initial investment?

  • Need extra space for incoming guests?

  • Thinking of a super unique wedding opportunity?

  • Looking to slow down, reconnect and visit the natural areas of our state?

We deliver stocked campers with everything you need to camp. Our setups are thoughtfully created to provide you the best possible Campshare experience.

Through our dynamic team the world of camping has gotten a little more accessible (and in our humble opinion, better). Wholeheartedly, we welcome you to the world of Campshare and look forward to connecting you with the outdoor experience we’ve been inspired to share.

With love,

Andrew & Stephanie 

How it works:

  1. You pick and pay for your campsite

  2. Visit our website and select your rig

  3. Pay a $100 deposit via PayPal or CC to reserve your dates

  4. You'll receive a confirmation email upon completion

  5. Within 2 business days of submitting a reservation request, a final invoice will be emailed at the email provided.

  6. We’ll reach out to you 3-7 days prior to your stay to coordinate delivery.

  7. Show up with clothes, linens, food and get ready to make memories!

Not sure where to camp?

We’re happy to help!

Browse our different setups and

get ready to make memories!

We’re intentional about everything we consume.

We use minimal plastic by introducing alternatives like bamboo dishes and reusable wax paper for food storage.

we LOVE michigan

let us show you why