Thank you for considering using Campshare as a way to connect people with what you love: camping!

There’s never enough time to use all of your equipment, so why not let it make a few bucks for you to help offset the cost?

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We offer several opportunities to connect you with potential renters. By using campshare, you’re set up will receive a spot on our website, be listed on your local Craigslist and potentially reach campers via Facebook Marketplace and local pages.

Payment: Once an interested camper requests to book, a $50 deposit is paid to campshare via PayPal. Within 24 hours, we will confirm with you the dates then bill the renters via PayPal for the balance. Within 24 hours after the rental period start, whatever money obtained by campshare (less fees noted below) will be transferred to your (the owners) PayPal account.

Fees to renters are as follows:

  • Nightly charge: Nightly rates for your set up will be suggested based on campshare’s experience and the market for rentals but ultimately set by you.
  • Delivery fee: As a standard, campshare charges a $50 delivery fee for the first 25 miles from your zip code. Delivery charge should include delivery, set up, tutorial of safe and proper use, pick-up and tear down. The renters pay this to you at the time of delivery. $1 per mile for each additional mile the camper is hooked up to the vehicle.
  • Additional amenities not standard to a typical camp set up rental (kayaks, paddle boards, etc.)

Delivery & Pick Up: It is strongly suggested you offer to deliver and set up your set up. You know your equipment, how to transport it and how to set it up. By allowing others to tow/drive/set up your equipment, you assume all responsibility and insurance liability. If you do choose to deliver, delivery should include set up, tutorial of safe and proper use, pick-up and tear down.

The delivery and pick up process is simple. Before delivery, communicate with the renter via phone or email to confirm a drop off and pick up time that suits both of you. Other questions may be asked & answered at this time.

At delivery there are several things you will need to do:

  • Prior to drop off, communicate with the renter to confirm your available drop off time.
  • During set up, answer any questions the renter may have and offer suggestions about the local area if familiar.
  • Accept the cash security deposit.
  • At pick-up there are several things you will need to do:
  • Conversate with the renters and accept any feedback.
  • Inspect unit/equipment to be sure it is in the same condition as when you dropped it off.
  • Return the security deposit. See below for information on when to keep all or part of the security deposit.

Use of Goods:  It is suggested but not required to offer full use of all goods you have in your set up including chairs, grills, tables, plates, utensils, spices, hammocks, etc. This allows for your renter to indulge in the real camping experience without having to buy and pack all the necessary items.

Fees:  Campshare requests 12% of the total cost of each booking.

Communication: Renters and potential renters are given the owners approved contact information for communication purposes. Once a renter is in use of your set up, you must be available by phone 24 hours in case of a problem/concern/question with the rental. Campshare has also provided their contact information to the renter as a back-up method for assistance.

Cleanliness & Care: Renters of your set up will be expected to return everything as they found it in the same cleanliness and condition.

Security Deposit: Campers are required to pay a cash security deposit in the designated amount by the owner. This is paid at the time of delivery by the renter to the owner. The security deposit covers the cost in the event there are missing or damaged items inside or damages to the outside during their stay. If necessary, additional costs associated with missing or damaged items inside or outside the camping trailer can be billed to the renter. Any damages and or issues to the camper is dealt directly between the renter and the owner. You as the renter are responsible for taking and returning the deposit.

When to consider keeping part or all of the security deposit:

  • Unit was smoked in
  • Damage has been done to any part of the unit and/or equipment
  • Excessive mess has been left

It is of your duty as a renter to make proper assessment as to what deduction from the security deposit to make. Prior to renting, renters agree to pay all damage costs whether they were at fault or not or if damage was caused by acts of nature (wind, rain, earthquake, fire, flood, etc). during their time of rental. They're instructed that If an accident occurs, they are responsible for obtaining a police report, contacting the other party’s insurance company and contacting the you, the owner immediately. If the camp and/or the contents in the camp are damaged during the rental period, you are responsible to communicate with the renter and work to discover a reasonable solution.  Most matters can be reasonably dealt with between a renter and an owner and are expected to be handled between these two parties. Campshare may only step in to offer advice if an issue arises but assumes no responsibility in the owner’s determination to keep any portion of the deposit.

Photos: You’ll want to take photos that describe the camping experience potential renters will receive. Visit for more details.

Pet Policy: You have the option whether to allow pets in your set up dependent on whether or not it is a suitable environment for a pet.

Governing Law: This Agreement shall be interpreted and enforced according to the substantive laws of the State of Michigan without application of its conflicts or choice of law rules.

Availability: Renters are required to be available by phone 24 hours if any questions arise or in case of an emergency.

Campshare is a platform to facilitate communication. Campshare is a way to list your camp set up and connect to local renters interested in the camping experience. Campshare, LLC is in no way responsible for any personal or property damages, failed payments, cancelled bookings or any other liabilities incurred while renting your camper. If an accident occurs, the renter is responsible for obtaining a police report, contacting the other party’s insurance company and contacting the owner immediately. You agree to indemnify the campshare, LLC, defend them and hold them harmless from all claims, liability, costs and attorney fees incurred resulting from, or arising out of, your rentals and the use of the unit and all materials within it.


Renter/camper: The party and/or person who will be signing the rental agreement and held accountable for the rental period.

Owner: The owner of such camp set up who will deliver and facilitate business under campshare, LLC.

Set up: The items listed in the rental detail page including items such as tents, travel trailers, chairs, tables, utensils, grills, etc.